The Team


Andy (2017-Present)
Lead Service Technician

Andy started at Reef Systems volunteering his free weekends over 10 years ago. Now he is on his 4th year of being a full time service technician. His job is to service, maintain, and install new systems for our clients. Andy has over 31 years of experience in the hobby, and is very grateful to be able to maintain some of the most beautiful saltwater aquariums and koi ponds we have ever seen. He is a proud father of 4 and enjoy scuba diving in his free time.


Danny (2018-Present)

Danny started working at Reef Systems in 2018, and came on full time in early 2019. He became involved in the saltwater hobby in early 2018. Having a strong background in exotic reptiles (10+years exp.) the transition to reef keeping came easy. He studied Environmental Science in highschool, and majored in Fine Art at CCAD. Danny will always provide you with the utmost service, to help you successfully maintain you saltwater or freshwater tank, or resolve any issues you may have. 
Tank: 24g Aquatop AIO cube
Light: AI prime hd
Flow: AI Nero 5
Doser: Bubble Magus dosing pump
Type: Acro dominant reef
Method: Berlin & Balling method



Andrea (2021-Present)

Andrea just recently joined Reef Systems in June of 2021. She looks forward to this new adventure, as this is in her field of interest. She strives to attain her Bachelors in Biology with a specialization in Marine Biology at Bowling Green State University. In her free time she continues to work on her 55 gallon, fish only, saltwater tank, in hopes to create a thriving reef tank. She also works at Centerburg High School as the new Marching Band Color Guard Director. She is excited for this opportunity, as she was in Color Guard all throughout High School. She gets to teach and watch the kids grow in their skill, which is very rewarding. She is excited to learn everything there is to learn here at Reef Systems, and also apply that knowledge to her own tank at home. 

Abby (2020 - working summer 2022)

Abby is a second-year student at Bowling Green State Univesity in the early childhood education program. She is a coordinator at BGSU's marine lab, where she is in charge of aquarium husbandry students. Since joining Reef Systems in 2020, she works on keepingall the tanks clean, fish fed, and water chemistry maintained. At home she keeps a 20 gallon reef with a pair of clownfish and numerous types of zoanthids


Cam (2021 - Present) (AKA Shorty Shorts, 2021 NO REGRETS)

Camden is a incoming freshman at Ashland University. He is also apart of the soccer program. Camden started working in the shop since February. He has a 10 gallon reef tank at home that he has been taking care of for a year. He enjoys taking care of tanks and helping customers

Katie (Summer 2021- and back to school) 

Katie is a second year student at Miami University (OH) studying biology, sustainability, and photography. At school, she is a part of a sorority, a Marine Biology club, and many environmental awareness organizations. With goals of working in marine biology and marine animal rehabilitation in the future, she joined the Reef Systems team as a volunteer in January 2021. She became an employee in May 2021 and works on keeping the tanks clean and organized in the store, along with performing water quality testing. 

Garrett (2020-working summer 2022)
Summer Part time and whenever back in town

Garrett is a second year student studying architecture at Bowling Green State University who recently joined the team in 2020. He volunteers his free time in BGSU’s marine lab, working as a coordinator, taking care of freshwater and saltwater systems. At Reef Systems, he performs daily maintenance tasks such as preparing our water, cleaning aquariums, and keeping corals organized. He is always excited to help customers and unbag new fish shipments.

Madi (2019-2021 1/2)

Madi began working at Reef Systems in January 2020 and has volunteered at the shop since 2016. She has loved the ocean her entire life, which is what led her into the hobby in 2015. In the future, she hopes to take her experience gained at Reef Systems into her potential future career; as she hopes to major in marine biology in college. At home Madi keeps a 27 gallon tank and a 60 gallon tank both home to an array of different fish and corals from the farm. She is more than happy to help with any questions you may have and loves to start new tanks with customers. 

Elton (2015-2020)
On to further education. Real Estate. Medical School? or Whatever Elton decides he wants to do.  

Elton has been an employee at Reef Systems Coral Farm, Inc. since 2015. He has been a reef aquarium hobbyist since 2014, and aquatic aquarium hobbyist since 2010. His experience at the farm is diverse with knowledge in marine and freshwater/pond husbandry. Since joining the team, he has pursued an education at The Ohio State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology in 2020, and completing a thesis on marine Tridacnid and Mercenaria clams. His collaborations and academic work at OSU include researching coral response to interactive and long-term effects of rising CO2 and temperature, Hawaiian coral physiology, and the development of a marine education lab as an integration to the Center for Life Sciences course curriculum. He will continue his education at Wright State University, pursuing a master’s degree in Biological Sciences. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, photography, and loves animals. Please don’t hesitate to ask Elton for any advice or information!


Elton's Reef

Capacity: 40 Gallon Breeder

Lighting: Ecotech Xr30 G4

Flow: Ecotech MP40 and Mp10 


Nathan (2017-2020)
Currently working for the Columbus Zoo
Life Support Systems and Water Quality Keeper 1

Nathan started managing Reef Systems Coral Farm in 2017 and has been keeping marine animals since 2013. Prior to joining the team he was the lead in charge of taking care of over 6,000 gallons of freshwater corporate display aquariums and has been in the fish keeping hobby since a very young age. In early 2017 he graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Marine Science from Jacksonville University’s Marine Science Research Institute. His education focused on the chemistry, biology, and geology of oceanic environments; as well as the hierarchy structure of marine species. In 2016 he was able to study for a short time at the Garace Research Centre in San Salvador, Bahamas. Nathan’s other interests include shooting sports, traveling, and spending time with his family.


Nathan’s Reef:

Capacity: 120 Gallon

Flow: Ecotech MP40’s, Ecotech S2 (return)

Lighting: 2 Ecotech XR15 G4

Skimmer: Reef Octopus 110 int






Dave (2018 - Present, or whenever he wants)

I have had fish tanks since I was a kid. First saltwater tank was a fish only tank in 2006, it was converted to a reef tank in 2017. I have worked full time as an aircraft mechanic for 26 years; 23 years of that on business aircraft. For fun I teach scuba diving & ride motorcycles. Married almost 20 years to Paula, don’t have kids but we do have 4 cats (Finnegan, Murphy, Bailey & Molly).



Thurman has been working with Reef Systems Since 2018. Thurman comes from a family of aquarium enthusiasts so fish and aquariums have been a part of life as long as he can remember. He started his first reef tank in 2016 after finishing paramedic school and Navy training, which gave him more time to return to the hobby. Thurman is currently a full time firefighter/paramedic and will tell you he is only ever at the farm because it’s fun.
Thurman Reef:
Capacity: 60 gal
Dimensions: 24x24x24
Flow: 2 Ecotech MP40’s & Ecotech S1 return
Lightning: Ecotech Radion XR30
Skimmer: Reef Octopus 150-INT 
Control/monitor: Neptune Apex with DOS & AFS



Carly (2021- 2021) Retired

Carly been working at reef systems Coral farm since February 2021. She started out as an intern, but moved to a paid position at the beginning of April. Outside of work she's going to school at Otterbein University for zoo and conservation: aquarium studies. She takes care of Otterbein aquarium lab system, the 300 gallon display tank, and the 150 gallon tank in the president's office. At home she has her own 75 gallon tank that she is just started setting up.